Client Spotlight – Agape Event French Wine, Teambuilding Events in China

I’m happy to share another client working with us – Alexandre from Agape Event in Shenzhen, China is a great French entrepreneur and visionary. He has been in China for 2 years and is working on 2 types of businesses – (1) selling his home countries wine to the Chinese market and (2) providing corporate team building services to companies in Shenzhen and Guangdong province.

He has been working with Social Agent a few months and we have had agents helping him get deal flow for his team building meetings, and also promoted 2 events for his business- hosting wine tasting and networking seminars at his Hua qiang bei, Futian, Shenzhen shop location.

Today I’d like to share his agent opportunity to you and hope to get more agents and business cooperations to help him grow in China!

Agape Event is authentic from the French wine business, with its own independent wineries and wine rich and diverse line of business. Agape Event company for the Chinese and international companies to provide cooperation matters and team-building activities, including cocktail parties and dinners, etc. CYL.

(1) Team Building: Based on the unique project planning, we provide a great personal and corporate interests range of activities. Through different service packages, we provide a combination of teamwork-oriented activities to enhance team cohesion and performance. Every project we create a special environment to encourage team work and fully invested. Excellent and professional international team, your company’s commitment to value and the implication will be added to all activities.

(2) Event: professional career in wine events (exhibitions, exhibitions, tastings, dinners, etc.), our innovative services and activities will be perfectly tailored to meet your market needs. We also offer cocktails, product launches, fashion shops and restaurants opened in the activities of a comprehensive design

France is the world’s best wine resort, where the climate, topography and the history and culture determines the famous French wine, plus a romantic and elegant French philosophy of life, making the Agape Event corporate culture from the inside and and outside exudes a different elegance.

In order to meet the needs of development, urgent need to recruit Agent, specific requirements are as follows:
A familiar social media, through a variety of platforms (micro-blog / forum / platform) filter out the appropriate consumers.
(2) good communication skills, recommenders to the store to the consumer or the client enables companies cooperate with Agape Event corresponding group projects.
3 When the leads in the store to buy wine, or a Teambuilding with Agape Event cooperation projects, as recommended by people you can get the corresponding reward. (Specific commission and salary can communicate with customers)

Looking target consumers:
1 Enterprise HR manager or general manager level and above positions
2 wine lovers

Compensation provided by the customer:
1 Each bottle of wine, or sold every Teambuilding cooperation project, Agent gets the appropriate commission.
(2) Every month there will be a corresponding salary.
3 end of each month to pay through Alipay.

How to apply for the part-time job?
Amoy people into social system, find application called Agape Event – part-time sales information visible when the detailed work.
Method One:
Click or scan two-dimensional code download android APP social Amoy person an application for registration

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