Now Hiring: Technology Product Manager

Excited to announce that we have a budget to accept applications for a new product manager position at Social Agent. This will be role where someone will get the chance to work with a lot of technology in a cross-border international team. I need help with managing our product specifications and coordinating between our technology and business departments.

Official Job Title: Application Product Manager

You’ll be working with Social Agent mainly, the web and mobile product strategy and direction. We will also give you some chances to work with our online marketing and development (if those interest you) so don’t worry about being pigeon holed. Here is the list of responsibilities

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible to manage and follow the whole life period of application, including assisting the design of application’s diagram flow, development, testing and updates
  2. Responsible to create and edit application’s database, including searching for data, editing data, updating data, etc
  3. Responsible to create and update requirements and specifications document and properly communicate that to the development team
  4. Responsible to communicate between application requirement planner and developer, making developer understand the requirements clearly and assist to solve the issues between requirement planner and developer
  5. Responsible to create and update the application’s metadata in Apple App store and Google Play store.
  6. Responsible to test application from user perspective, submit and follow bugs.

Skills We Are Looking For In You

Here’s a list, if one or two are missing don’t sweat it – we care more about the will and desire of the candidate.

  1. One year or more working experience about Internet products, interested in mobile phone and tablet’s application products, hoping to work in Internet industry
  2. Excellent in English listening, reading, speaking and writing, CET-4 or more, English fluent speaker preferred.
  3. Have good skills in office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  4. Have team spirit and strong ability to organize and communicate, be able to handle work pressure.
  5. Willing to ​come in ​contact with new things, motivated and capable ​of​ learning and studying.
  6. 4 Year University Degree (for the Chinese Work Permit application process)

Your Day To Day

Our workday starts at 10am, Monday to Friday, and we head home 7pm. If you’d like, you can take a nap after lunch with our Chinese team, or you can join in our informal training for user Experience, Analytics, and others on-demand.

Occasionally we’ll have a company outing to go bike riding, picnics, or KTV. You may join on user testing focus groups on-site or offsite. There are business development meetings when necessary that you may have the opportunity to join in on.

Benefits Of This Position

This is a salary position, and we will discuss the exact amount during your interview. It is a competitive market salary with proper benefits and a proper employee contract.

Timeline To Apply

We want to fill this position as soon as possible, but we also want to make sure that we find the ideal candidate. Therefore, we will give until Wednesday April 1st , 2015 noontime HK time zone for applications. Yes, I am fully aware that is April Fools Day – but this isn’t a joke, that is the final deadline, ha! We hope to make decisions over that weekend and get back to applicants early the next week.

Also a quick video interview will help you stand out, but I am not going to require it. We may ask you to come in for an interview, if you’re not and we have narrowed you down to our top candidates, we’ll arrange a Skype video call interview.

Any questions or comments, please leave a comment below or email me at [email protected]

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