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The work being done by social agents has proved to be very valuable to many companies. The number of social media users is very high and this can be transformed into your customers if you hire the services of social agents. The social agents will increase the visibility of your company and build your brand name all over the world. Most importantly is that, social agents get paid from the leads they generate. This means that you will not spend money from your pocket to pay them but they generate their own income. As a client, your responsibility is to give the social agents a user-friendly platform and developa conducive working environment where they can work comfortably and freely.


Social agent platforms do the job of getting social agents from all over the world, interviewing them, registering them and making them ready to work on any job. The platforms ensure that the social agents registered are professionals in social media networks and they can generate leads ore easily. In fact their social media accounts are scrutinized to see their activeness on social media and the number of potential customers they are able to reach.

The social agents are registered in different categories such as gender, geographic location, education level, etc. This is important because some clients target a specific group of customers which becomes easier if specialized social agents in that particular group are assigned the task. For example, if you are targeting the Chinese market then the social agent platform, such as, will connect you with Chinese social agents so as to access the market easily.

Therefore social agent platforms do the greatest part of looking for social agents and preparing them for their clients’ work. As a client, your job remains very minimal and that is providing the information or links you want to be spread and shared.

On the other hand, clients are advised to take sufficient time before choosing the social agent platforms to work with. It is recommended to read some of the testimonials provided by the past clients of that particular platform and determine its efficiency. Ensure that you work with a platform that will give you the anticipated results.

For example, is a social agent platform that has worked with many companies across the world. The platform started with Chinese companies but as a result of global demand, it has expanded to the global market and now signs social agents from all over the world. Some of the companies that Social Agent has worked with include: Mexican Seafood Co., Nogogo Online Grocer, Expander Limited, SoftLayer, TechInAsia, among others. In its testimonial, Nogogo Online Grocer said the following, “Mike has shown me a lot of his startup ideas, but finally he sold me on one – made sense from the first time he demo’d it to me in my office – find customers and measure real results from Chinese social media. We started with a brand new Sina Weibo account and identified customers in Social Media – my staff learned which products are hot and which are not. We grew our fans and measured real results from Chinese customers. Thanks Mike and the whole Social Agent team.” Therefore as a client,  maintain a high payout rate, reward your social agents when necessary, work closely with them, pay them on time, and you will receive unbelievable leads.

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