Q: How many independent sales representative contacts will I receive from using your site?

A: It varies.  Our service will get you in front of your target number of independent sales reps.  After that, the actual level of interest that your product generates is ultimately determined by the marketability of your product and the expected market demand for your product.

Q: I’ve had much success using Socialagent.me and I want to maintain an ongoing presence. Is this possible?

A: Yes, many companies who successfully maintain active outside sales force understand that it is an ever changing environment and understand the value of maintaining an ongoing presence to attract new independent representatives that are looking for new products to sell.

Q: How do I browse updated opportunities?

A: You may browse sales opportunities by industry categories on our dashboard or use our sales opportunity search form to enter specific criteria for finding current sales listings.

Q. Can you send me a list of contacts of independent sales representatives?

A: No. Cold-calling sales representatives from database lists is a time consuming and ineffective process.  Reps who are registered in our system are notified for your posting through opportunity alerts, sending them only those opportunities that are in their desired industry and location.Your primary role will be talking to and screening the representatives that make contact with your company.

Q: What do I do once Social Agent finds me these leads?

A: This is where it’s up to you and your team to reach out to them. Preferably on the social media channel it was found, since that’s where we found ‘em, but you can also find their website, email, or even give them a phone call. If you need or want a social agent, please contact us and we can refer you to a talent agency.

Q:What will be the pricing with 3 agents?

3 agents  seem to be interested in working with  us  .I saw that the basic contract provides only one agent . Could you explain what will be the pricing with 3 agents?

 A:  We are testing out multiple agents, and this is where we have the “per lead” fee, so that instead of you having to pay a monthly fee, you can pay per client/ business cooperation that they find and you accept.  I think its best to explain this on a phone call.  The issue of having multiple agents, is you would need to manage them all separately, or have 1 as the “manager” or coordinator of the others and pay that manager some service fee for that.    —-> basically, we are testing a “results driven” way to pay the agents so that you get maximum value.

Q: When does our agreement start?

When does our agreement start ?  I can’t start anything myself  for the moment as I go back to France from the 20th of July to the end of august  .We plan an event with a partner  in September . The best for your agents will be to attend it.

A: When we start is up to you, I let you post your “job posting” on our site for free (testing this method now) and when/if you want to start to hire these agents, we can then get started.  I would suggest you get them started before your event in September, so they can help promote it, and be better ready to ask you questions when they meet you.

Q: How do I edit my Listing Opportunity?

A: Log in to your Account, choose the “My Profile” link. Click “Edit”, and choose your current listing under “Industry Experience”. Make your changes and click “SAVE my profile”. Your opportunity is automatically updated.

Q: How do independent sales representatives find out about opportunities on your site?

A: When sales representatives register on our site, they are matched up to every opportunity posted or renewed based on their indicated opportunity, desired industry, and geographical location. They are notified immediately and If they are interested, they will contact you directly through the contact information you have provided or by utilizing the contact form on your job listing. In addition, many sales reps who are not registered routinely browse our site, and can contact you through the email address listed on your opportunity listing.

Q: Are the leads searched by your software automatically?

A: Currently all leads are searched by the sales assistant.

Q: I signed up for socialagent.me and created an opportunity but it says it is incomplete.

A: We review all new listings to ensure that there is no profanity or spam (which takes to complete in 48 hours or less). Once your listing is approved, its status will change from “incomplete” to “active” and will be posted on the site. Also, listings that have not yet been paid for via credit card will also be in “incomplete” status.

Q: How to cancel my opportunity advertisement?

A: In your account, under “LISTED OPPORTUNITIES”, click “Cancel This Ad” on the advertisement you wish to cancel.

Q: Can you provide some references?

A: We do not believe in providing a hand-picked list of “Friends” to provide us with a positive reference of our site’s performance.  Instead, our current customers can provide our best reference.  Should you need to contact and ask any of our customers who currently use our services, you can contact them by checking their listing’s contact information.

Q: Why am I not receiving opportunity alerts?

A: These are the possible reasons why you may not be receiving opportunity alerts:

  1. Opportunity alerts are sent via email when a manufacturer posts or renews an opportunity. If you did not enter a valid email address when you signed up, you will not receive these emails. You can change your email address in your account area. Log on and click on the “My Profile” link to change your email and other personal information.
  2. You might also check your Spam filter. There are tendencies wherein our emails are blocked. To ensure good receiving of our emails, be sure to add [email protected] to our contacts.
  3. Your search criteria may be too specific. Broaden your search criteria.

Q: I found a job and no longer wish to receive emails. How do I delete my email address from your system?

If you wish to delete your account. You can contact us by email at:  [email protected]e or fill out the form found on Contact.

Q: How do I change my password or email address?

A: You can change your password, email address, and other information by logging into your account and selecting My Profile, if changing your password, ensure that you enter the new password correctly into both fields. Usernames cannot be changed.

Q: Do you share my personal information with other companies or third-parties?

A:  Socialagent.me does not disclose any of our customer’s personal information.

Q: Isn’t this just like Linkedin?

A: We are a social media tool, we search, for now, just Sina Weibo, and find potential customers for you. As we grow, we will grow cross platform and cross border. Another difference about linkedin, is that the penetration rate of Linkedin in China is not nearly as high as that of Sina weibo. If you want to find real Chinese businessmen, then you need to go on the social media platforms they are active on, and that is not linkedin.

Q: How do you charge for your services?

A: We currently have 3 plans that are monthly subscriptions based on the amount of keywords (search parameters) for new customers, the amount of users, and the amount of leads and lead

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