Launches New Freelance Sales Marketplace

Official Press Release

Nov. 19, 2013 – ( , a new online sales marketplace that connects businesses with quality freelance sales professionals, officially launched its new website. Featuring a unique platform designed to help companies effectively attract, manage, and pay commissioned sales talent; boosts the creation of qualified sales leads and facilitates project payment between freelancers and job posters.

“ is an online platform that has been designed to effortlessly connect businesses with qualified freelance sales professionals, who in turn actively generate quality sales leads for commission-based projects,” said Mr. Michael Michelini, CEO and Co-Founder of “It’s completely free to use and optimized to help job posters easily find and manage potential sales professionals, and for freelance job seekers to easily find and apply for potential sales opportunities. also helps job posters effectively manage multiple sales professionals as well as multiple sales projects. And helps sales agents manage multiple clients.”

How It Works

Job posters simply register for free at and post one or more sales projects. Freelance sales professionals, or “agents”, also register for free and then browse through posted projects and apply online. Job posters will ultimately receive interest from a number of agents and must decide which agent is best suited for each posted project. Once an agent has been accepted and the scope and details of the project have been agreed upon, the job poster simply deposits project funds online at and those funds are then held in an escrow account. Afterwards, the freelance sales agent “hits the pavement” to find targeted sales leads. Once qualified sales leads have been received, the job poster releases funds to pay the sales agent’s commission for each lead. Payment is only released when the work has been satisfactorily completed and the funds are conveniently transmitted in local currency. Thus, a U.S.-based business can conveniently pay a Chinese freelancer in renmingbi and vice-versa.

“It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved,” said Michelini. “The job poster receives qualified sales leads from a local freelance sales agent as well as valuable product and country-specific feedback. While the freelance sales agent receives valuable work experience as well as financial incentives for his or her hard work.”

The Social Factor sales agents are free to pursue any professional means to attract new business for job posters. Some agents will naturally contact potential leads via social media sites such as Twitter, Weibo, Facebook, LinkedIn, QQ, and WeChat. Sales agents can use these social media sites to tap into their social network, discuss potential projects, and find qualified contacts. Once qualified leads have been identified, freelancers post those leads to the appropriate job poster’s project page through the platform. Generating leads in this manner can produce more personal sales referrals, more qualified sales leads, and more satisfying results.

“Referrals generally deliver the best leads,” said Michelini, “and now thanks to social media sites, our sales agents can more efficiently generate referrals and more effectively produce quality sales leads. In the future, we plan to make even more interactive with popular social media sites by allowing a higher degree of connectivity and greater contact management.’’ s new website is currently online and available. Interested job posters and qualified sales professionals should visit to register for free. In addition, SocialAgent is working on developing smartphone apps for iPhone and Android devices and will announce this news in the coming months.

About SocialAgent

Based in Hong Kong, SocialAgent is a lead-generation sales platform that teams freelance social-media- minded sales and marketing professionals with globally-minded businesses. allows international companies to attract, hire, manage, and pay freelance sales professionals who in turn help build sales leads and ultimately increase revenue. SocialAgent’ s long-term vision is to help connect companies located anywhere in the world with local sales and marketing professionals in targeted global markets. For more information about SocialAgent, please visit

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