Great opportunity to reach the College market!

The number of candidates joining colleges is large in all parts of the world. This is mainly because of the need for more technical knowledge and skills in employment sectors. This means that there are many schools being established and many of them need promotion so as to attract students. We have a college education consulting social sales agent agency that is aimed at connecting social agents with colleges. We link the two not for the agents to get enrolled at the respective colleges but to promote these colleges and reach the students. We have expanded our agency to global reach and anybody who can speak English is allowed to join us. Our website is and it is free to explore it.

Becoming part of our social sales agency may be a stepping stone for you to start making money. We have been working with Chinese agents and many have transformed their lives through these services. As a result of the demand for most of our partners we have been working with, we have decided to go international. Thus, our social sales opportunities are open to people from anywhere in the world. We will help you get connected to many colleges across the world that wants to promote their colleges so as to attract more candidates. We do everything online hence you only require an internet enabled device and you will reach us through

The main responsibilities of the college education consulting social sales agents will be:

  • To inform prospective candidates about the programs that the colleges offer
  • The study schedules and timetables of the colleges
  • The certifications of the colleges
  • The discount offers if any

Generally, your role will be to promote the colleges so as to get more candidates interested and enroll at the colleges. The more candidates you manage to convince the more money you make.

Once you complete the sign up process on our website, you will be entitled to various things. Some of these are:

–        You will be among the first people to introduce new colleges to your customers hence you have an opportunity to convince them be the first to join the college

–        You are free to market the colleges to the people of your own choice and through your own methods. The colleges you will be representing will not restrict you on where to get sales provided you do the promotion as per their terms of service

–        You will be notified automatically of new offers, packages, opportunities and any other information concerning the colleges you will be working for

–        We will help you get connected to both foreign and local colleges within your region

–        You can also work from any place and at any time. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, part-time or full-time employee, jobless, etc. You will decide on your working schedule based on what suits you best.

Today every employer is looking for candidates with formal college training and this gives you a good reason to join our agency. There are endless opportunities in this sector and you can take this advantage to make money in an easy and flexible way. Joining our team is free; just click on and complete the sign up procedure.

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