Now accepting International Social Sales Agents!

At the time when our social sales agent agency was being established, it was specifically targeting Chinese social sales agents. We have achieved a lot in helping businesses to sale large volumes of their products and services to customers all over China. However, we have decided to go globally and we are welcoming social sales agents from all over the world to join us. This means that anybody who speaks English and is willing to join our Chinese sales agents is allowed to sign up at our website Our main goal is to connect companies with social agents and therefore we have countless opportunities for every sales agent.

Our expansion to international market is expected to grow largely especially based on what we have achieved with our Chinese sales agents. Basically, we aim at connecting businesses across the world with reliable and competent social sales agents that will take their products and services to a worldwide market.

The sign up process is very simple and quick. All you have to do is to visit our website at and complete the sign up process as an agent by filling in the information required. Immediately you complete the sign up procedure, you will be ready to start and make money regardless of where you live.

Some of the advantages that our social sales agents enjoy include:
• You will be automatically notified of new independent sales representative opportunities
• You will easily find and get connected to both domestic and foreign companies
• You will be able to target your desired markets and product categories
• You will be the first to introduce a new breakthrough product to your customers
• You will work from anywhere and you can use any means to get more sales lead

Just like it is easy to join our sales agents team, so is it to leave it. You can leave anytime you want without any problem. Remember that becoming part of our social sales agents is out of your own will and there are no long-term commitments needed.

The payment methods are also versatile, fast and secure thus receiving your money will be hassle free. It is also important to note that there are no special education requirements needed before signing up as a sales agent. Remember that this is purely a sales job and it all depends on how effective you communicate with your customers. It does not matter whether you will use Chinese or English, what matters is the ability to understand the targeted market, have comprehensive information about the products you are selling and then be able to pass your message to the customers and convince them to buy the products. Your payment will depend on your sales lead; the more you sell the more you earn. The good thing is that there are no limits on the number of products to sell or the companies to work for.

Therefore, we are giving people an opportunity to become international social sales agents regardless of where they live. Regardless of whether you speak Chinese or English, you can freely sign up as a sales agent at our website Sign up today and enjoy the benefits.

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