Client Spotlight – TMO Group Chinese E-commerce Solutions

“Client Spotlight” is a new series where we hope to highlight some of our clients and get some public feedback and reactions. TMO group, is currently looking to leverage Social Agent to build more sales leads for its business. I met Dominiek, the General Manager, in Shanghai a couple months ago and he has been working with one of our agents. We are currently looking for new agents to work alongside Dominiek and his sales manager Jing to increase deal flow and help more clients in the Chinese market with their mobile and e-commerce needs. Below is a summary of his business:

TMO group provides eCommerce & Mobile Commerce solutions for your business! They are your technical and strategic partner on:

Design & build quality eCommerce and Mobile-optimized websites
Dealing with multi-channel order management from eCommerce
Consulting on your online marketing activities & CRM strategy
Tracking your online sales data and analyze it in order to increase ROI.
Measuring and managing your offline and online consumers in a sales-driven CRM system
Hosting and maintaining back-end & front-end IT infrastructure through dedicated sources
We assist in setting up your sales channels and building a bridge to your online customer via (mobile-friendly) eCommerce.

They are looking for companies in the Shanghai region who want to build or improve their mobile and web presence, getting started or improve their e-commerce positioning in the Chinese market.

I’m especially excited to help Dominiek and the TMO group as he has been a great early adopter client and I’m passionate to help more western businesses in China!

If you are interested to work with Dominiek, or have other ideas to increase his sales leads in China, please sign up for a agent account and apply to his job posting.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me or any of the Social Agent team members!

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