Advice for Following up your Chinese Business Leads

As we grow more businesses on our sales lead platform, we have been getting more and more feedback on how to best follow up with these qualified (contacted) leads that our crowdsourced salesforce finds.

Recently we have also marked the lead as B2C / B2B in the lead details, so you know what price to quote them, and to be better prepared with the overall sales call conversation.

Workflow After Receiving Your Sales Leads

1) The lead is sent to you (the client)

2) The lead is marked with information such as:
– Name
– Email
– Phone
– Notes
– B2B or B2C
– Lead Source (Sina Weibo, email, phone, weixin, blog post)

Our sales agents do their best to collect as much details as possible, once these leads are delivered , they are waiting for you to contact them.

3) You or your internal sales staff follow up with the sales lead as such:

Hi, my name is ______ from __<>____ my sales agent told me you are interested in my <<> , I see that you are wonderig about <<>>>

The person should be expecting your email/phone contact and will be ready to engage in a conversation about your business.

Keep in contact with these new sales leads

These leads that have shown interest in your product or service are extremely valuable, and need to be kept close attention to. We suggest to call every 2 weeks in a way to establish a relation with your customer.

If you have a mailing list, keep them up to date there. Or another a way to inform them direct your leads about potential promotions

Followup Notes if B2B

Business to Business (B2B) leads are important for long term relations and may take more time to convert. We suggest first listening to their situation, understanding more clearly their needs.

Also in the Chinese market, trust is first – so getting that trust will take time, but once established its extremely long term.

Followup Notes if B2C

Business to Consumer (B2C) leads are hopefully ready to buy your individual product or service rather quickly. While Social Agent focuses on B2B leads, we are growing more advanced on helping you convert and turn B2C leads into sales with less effort. This we will expand on in future blog posts.

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